What is a neuropsychological assessment?


A neuropsychological assessment is a standardised and objective way of assessing an individuals current level of cognitive abilities. 


Reasons for a neuropsychological assessment?

A & S Neuropsychologists specialise in conducting and effectively communicating the findings of neuropsychological assessment for the following reasons:-

  • Diagnostic Assessments (for example, to assist with diagnosing the onset of dementia or other neurological conditions).
  • Determine decision making capacity (including for Guardianship / Financial Manager (NCAT) or Testamentary Capacity).
  • Determine the nature and extent of cognitive injury arising from brain trauma, strokes, tumours and or other neurological conditions.
  • Provide Expert assessment and Medico-Legal reports for Insurers and Lawyers.
  • Provide verbal and written feedback to the individual, their family / carers, and other service providers regarding:
    • The nature of the injury / neurological condition.
    • The individuals current cognitive abilities
    • Implications on real work functioning (for example, return to work, study, driving and domestic, social and interpersonal functioning).
    • Understanding and managing difficult cognitive and behavioural aspects of brain injuries / neurological conditions.
  • Provide baseline cognitive assessment for future comparisons over time, e.g. Pre and post surgery.
  • We also provide ongoing psychological / cognitive interventions aimed at assisting individuals and families with psychological adjustment to the cognitive and emotional effects of these conditions, including anger / behavioural control, depression, anxiety, psycho-education and family (service providers) intervention practices.