Memory and Older Age - Tips to Maintain Your Memory

As we get older our memory is often not what it used to be. We may find it more difficult to remember our new neighbours name or the date of our next doctors appointment. How many times have we all walked into a room to retrieve something and forgotten why we are there. However, that does not mean we are developing a dementia.

Memory loss in dementia is very different and has an impact on our ability to perform our day to day tasks. Memory loss in dementia is persistent and does unfortunately get worse over time. If you are at all concerned regarding your memory or that of a loved one please contact us to discuss and / or arrange an appointment.

How can we improve / maintain our memory as we get older?

  1. Exercise - keep active for example with regular walks, swimming or other activities you enjoy.

  2. Maintain a health diet, avoid harmful substances (e.g. alcohol, cigarettes or drugs)

  3. Relax - try and avoid stress

  4. Ensure you get adequate sleep and rest

  5. Take up new and / or interesting hobbies. Keep mentally active (e.g. photography, reading, jigsaw puzzles, painting).

  6. Organise your environment. For example, make sure you keep your wallet and keys in the same place so you know where to find them every time.

  7. Keep a notebook handy. Take the pressure off yourself from remembering everything. For example write down your shopping list.

  8. Use a calendar or a diary to record appointments, birthdays or when bills are due.